Words cannot express how immensely grateful we are to Row, Fleur and Erin for empowering us to birth our daughter exactly as we had intended. I felt fearless, nurtured, respected, relaxed and free from pain. My birthing partner Sam was fully empowered to support me making the three of us a powerful connected team. This was exactly the start in life that we wanted for our daughter. There is no doubt that the hypnobirthing techniques and the knowledgeable guidance from the girls at birthing instincts, set us up for a successful physiological birth and strengthened our bond as a new family. They guided us with such reverence and care, allowing us to feel confident in our decisions and to ignore the many unfavourable birth stories told to us. Our intention for a natural physiological birth was unwavering making our birth story one of immense joy and overflowing love.
We are the happiest little family. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts.”