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HypnoBirthing Partners


Having a supportive birthing partner is integral to having a positive birth experience, but this can be a daunting role. Lots of partners want to be actively engaged in the pregnancy, birth and parenting but find it difficult to know how to be involved in a helpful way to provide the right support. A lack of knowledge and understanding about the birth process, unrealistic expectations and an undefined role can lead to fears and doubts. If those attending a woman in birth bring doubt and fear into the birthing space this can, and will, effect the birthing mother and the conduct of labour. It is essential that all support people bring trust, positivity and faith in the birthing women and in birth – as nature intended.

HypnoBirthing will help you to be fully prepared and confident as an active participant in the process, not a passenger along for the ride. You will learn what normal physiological birth looks like and the recipe to help achieve that while keeping your partner and baby safe. Our course teaches partner’s how to be the guide through labour with their voice and touch. As a birthing partner you will learn a range of techniques that will help you to understand your birthing partner’s needs including:

  • Assisting relaxation
  • Massage, acupressure and rebozo techniques
  • How to protect the birthing environment to keep it private and safe
  • Labour and birthing positions to aid baby’s descent
  • Support the breathing techniques
  • Confidence to liaise with medical and midwifery staff and be an advocate

Our classes not only help prepare the mum-to-be to eliminate fear about birth but also the birth partner.

The transformation of Dad’s and birthing partners throughout the program can be just as profound as it is for the pregnant Mum. Dads often begin the HypnoBirthing course a bit sceptical and unsure, particularly because the name sound can sound a bit “hippy!” They are quickly excited as they come to learn how they can play an important role in the birth of their baby. You too are on a journey to parenthood and we are here to help you feel connected to this life changing experience.

Partner testimonials

  • Having had 2 children the ‘conventional’ way, the HypnoBirthing classes gave me the opportunity to be completely involved in our birth. It also allowed my partner and me to connect better in the lead up to the birth, as the meditations and preparation tools improved our wellbeing and communication more generally.

    Simon Vowles

  • As a first time father I was unsure of what to expect during all phases of the birth of our child and didn’t know how best to support my wife. I guess the unknown meant I had some fear around what the day would look like, so when my wife suggested Hypnobirthing I was all for it. Fleur’s warm and relaxed delivery of the course helped me feel confident and extremely informed about the process. I credit Birthing Instincts’ course and our experienced and knowledgeable birth companion Row, to the incredible experience we had welcoming our baby into the world.

    Dave McGrath

  • I consider giving birth, my biggest achievement and couldn’t have done it without your HypnoBirthing classes and Matt’s support. Matt was equally grateful we did the classes because he had such an active role.

    Alexandra Fowler

  • My wife and I completed the hypnobirthing course in June of 2020 – smack bang during Covid lockdown. Erin was our facilitator and she did a wonderful job under the circumstances at presenting the gentle, yet powerful hypnobirthing techniques via video conferencing.

    During and after the course I was struck at how multi-faceted hypnobirthing is. Of course there are the visualisation and breathing techniques which are paramount to achieving a drug free birth, however it is impossible to over-estimate the value derived when a couple is engaged in the reading, discussion and deep questioning of such a powerful and intimate program.

    This program delivered by these wonderful women is highly recommend.

    Peter Stanbrook

  • My wife and I did Hypnobirthing classes with Erin in preparation for our first born. Honestly, it was the single most useful thing we did for the whole pregnancy. Not only were the hypnobirthing techniques very useful, the bit I found most powerful was the understanding and knowledge of the entire birthing process we gained from the classes which gave us the confidence we needed to have a great birth experience.

    Craig Greenaway

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